Terms & Conditions

Boston Pro Car Service Terms & Conditions


Boston Pro Car Service pricing includes all driver compensation. Neither Boston Pro Car Service nor its drivers will request gratuities from customers. No portion of the charges billed to the customer represents a tip, gratuity, or service charge for drivers, service employees, or any other employee at Boston Pro Car Service. 

Additional Charges: Other than the standard fare, customers might see charges like tolls, parking, airport, and regulatory fees, as well as operating surcharges on their billing statement.

Rates & Currency: All rates are calculated and billed in U.S. dollars. Given currency exchange fluctuations, international rates in U.S. dollars might vary. Please be advised that all published rates can change without any prior notification.

Taxes: As required, applicable taxes will be added to your bill.

Holiday Surcharges: Rides on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, 14th February will have a surcharge of 25% based on fare, stop, and waiting time. This policy also applies to recognized holidays outside the U.S.

Flat-Rate Rides

Boston Pro Car Service offers standard flat-rate pricing for commutes to and from the majority of major cities and airports.

Wait Time: Waiting time begins from the scheduled pickup time. After a grace period of 60 minutes for international flights, 30 minutes for domestic, and 5 minutes for non-airport pickups, a $8.25 fee will be charged for every five-minute delay.

Stop Charges & Rules

On Route Stops: An extra stop charge is applicable for any added stops during the journey to the final drop-off. For a stop in the same pickup zone, it costs $29.00 plus $8.25 for every extra five-minute wait. For a different zone, it's $45.00 plus the wait time charges.

Off Route Stops: For stops off-route during a flat-rate trip, customers will be charged per the prevailing hourly rate.

Stop Limit: Flat-rate transfers have a two-stop limit. Beyond that, it should be booked as an hourly service.

Wait & Return: If the initial and final destinations are identical with an added stop, it's a Wait & Return reservation and needs to be billed as an hourly service.

Hourly Rides

Billing Basis: Journeys where a flat-rate doesn't apply are billed based on the vehicle and chauffeur's service duration. This time includes the trip and the vehicle's time to reach the pickup location and return from the drop-off. The minimum time calculated for this purpose is 90 minutes. Charges don't include tolls, parking, taxes, or other extra charges, which will be billed upon ride completion.
Cancellation & No-Show Fees

Cancellation charges will apply based on the rate confirmed at the time of the reservation unless:

Sedans are canceled more than twelve (12)  hours before the scheduled pickup.
International Sedans are canceled more than twenty-four (24) hours prior.
SUVs are canceled more than twenty-four (24) hours in advance.
Sprinter/Vans are canceled more than forty-eight (48) hours in advance.
Mini/Mid Coaches and Limousines are canceled more than seven (7) days prior.
Motor Coaches are canceled more than fourteen (14) days before pickup.
Coordinators are canceled more than forty-eight (48) hours before arrival.
A no-show fee equal to the base fare price of the trip will be charged when the passenger(s) do not arrive at the specified location. Call Boston Pro Car Service to avoid a no-show fee if you cannot locate your chauffeur.

Pet Policy

Pets are permitted in our vehicles. If a pet exceeds 15 pounds, it should be confined to a kennel. Smaller pets should be leashed or in a carrying case. Note: Certified service animals aren't required to be in a crate. For a seamless ride, inform us in advance for us to match you with a pet-friendly chauffeur.

Liabilities and Miscellaneous

Boston Pro Car Service isn't responsible for any lost or misplaced personal property left in a vehicle.

Boston Pro Car Service, its subcontractors, or partners won't be liable for delays or non-performance under circumstances beyond our control.

We do provide child seats upon prior request for an extra fee of $35 per seat. However, parents or guardians must install them. Due to liability restrictions, our chauffeurs cannot assist in this.

Items that aren't allowed in our vehicles include alcoholic beverages, glass containers, smoking, firearms, explosives, and fireworks.

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